Hi – and thanks for taking the time to visit my website.  I am a self-taught photographer that specializes in landscape and nature photography.  Although you will see in my galleries that I do enjoy many different subjects and basically will use any excuse to pick up the camera and get behind the lens.

The photography bug hit me when I was a teenager.  My parents bought me my first film SLR and I fell in love with photography.  When I look back at my pictures from those years I realize that I was not very good (I had a right index finger that kept getting into my shots!!).  But I also realize that I was having fun.

I took the leap to digital photography with a point and shoot (P&S) camera and eventually made the plunge into the DSLR world.  I have dedicated a lot of time over the last few years reading photo magazines and books, spending time in the field, and taking way too many pictures – thank goodness there are no developing fees!

Actually, you can never take too many pictures – however, you can keep too many.  I do have to learn to delete the ones not worth keeping.  It is wise to take many images to learn what makes a good image.  I plan to dedicate a section of this website where I will post tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years.

Well, take a tour, check out my galleries, and I hope you enjoy your visit.